100% electric refuse collection vehicle

Service in Denmark

Two mobile service vans are in operation in Denmark. 

Service outside of Denmark

A customer specific solution will be created. This can involve the refuse body manufacturer or involve the existing service capabilities within the customer’s organisation. Many of the components of the eRCV27®  are identical to those in standard heavy goods vehicles, and can thus be serviced by professionals with an automotive background. Training will be provided by Banke Electromotive to enable the customer’s own service engineers to exchange complete modules or replace components that are easy and safe to access. This training is mandatory for any service engineer that will work on the eRCV27® within the warranty period. 

Service contracts

Are only available in Denmark and can have a duration up to 8 years.

Extended warranty

This program extends the warranty on those parts that make the eRCV27® different from a normal chassis, for example the battery pack, the power electronics modules and the drive axle. Outside Denmark, extended warranty is only available for service partners and customers who employ service engineers holding a valid training certificate from Banke Electromotive for warranty work. Extended warranty can have a duration up to 8 years.

Spare parts

We ship replacement modules and parts from our central warehouse in Sonderborg Denmark. Requests received before 12.00 hours ship the same day.